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Placer Search and Replacer 2.6

Search and replace text in documents and folders and names.

Placer is a search-and-replace tool for editors, designers and information workers. If you need to find or replace text in a collection of documents or a single document reliably, you can make use of Placer.

December 2009 Release
For Windows XP / Vista / 7
Size: 0.97 MB (970 KB)
Added: 10 December 2009
Price: Free
Requires: Windows XP / Vista / 7.
Version  #383


»Search and replace text inside documents and folders.
»Replace text in document names and folder names.
»Search subfolders.
»Search multiple places at the same time.
»Search for multiple lines of text.
»Basic support for Word documents.
»Use wildcards (with regular expressions).
»Save your searches and results.
»Undo changes.

Help and Support

Placer help and support



Multi-line find and replace

Search and replace muliple lines of text.

Regular Expression (RegEx) search and replace

Use regular expression patterns to perform wildcard searches.

Recursive Search

Search within subfolders recursively. A batch replace can be done and undone.

Graphical interface

A user-friendly graphical interface, icons and menus allow you to interact with your documents more naturally. A visual alternative to Grep.


Printable reports are available after every search and replace.

When Windows search doesn't work,  stopped working,  not working

An alternative to the standard "Search For Files And Folders", when Windows search stops working or doesn't find anything, Placer can be used as an alternative.



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